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Agreed, Nancy.
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Thanks so much Dove Grey for choosing this. My husband has been telling me for 15 years to read it, but I always felt it was too long and I would not have time, or find it interesting. But I was so wrong, and I have admitted it (not something I tend to do...!). It is not like reading at all, it feels more like having a natter with friends at the end of the day, about what people we all know have been doing to date. Vikram seems to be playing very fair with his readers, and is simply telling an amazing story. I love the clear narrative line and the absence of secrets and trickery. Let's see how it pans out, but so far I care about them all. I agree Brahmpur seems utterly real too; I want to visit but sadly it is fictional! I absolutely loved India when I went 3 or 4 years ago, for a week to see the Golden Triangle. I must must must go again for longer!
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A fabulous read. I feel I belong to the community and am hearing about friends.
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Good luck with dropping HB into the doctors' surgery. Whenever I do this, the next time I go the Amateur Yachtings, Campin Monthly, VERY old Hellos etc are still tiredly there, and of my new glossy mags, not a sign! I have sometimes wondered where they go - home with the receptionists and round their family? home with a patient then ditto? Or when I feel really paranoid, I speculate someone has sold them on Ebay.
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Been away - I haven't missed the start of A Suitable Boy team read, have I? You have the link on the side of the blog to Team Middlemarch still, but not yet ASB.
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We have Lights Out at 1.00am here. I think it is midnight GMT actually, so 1am on summertime. It seems fine, and we saw a splendid display of the Perseid meteor shower a few weeks ago when it was really dark. Re your upload problem, wish I cd help as I miss the photos!
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2013 on Lights Out at Making Good Use
Hope you do this - I'm in!
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2013 on A Suitable Book... at dovegreyreader scribbles
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Brilliant, dovegrey. I think we were at Wildside on the same day, or one of the same 4 days! Never been before, and yes it was amazing. I had wanted to go for a few years and never got there. I loved the innovative planting Keith did at the Garden House before. This new project is so ambitious. Unlike you, when I get home I am less inspired, thinking I cannot hope to match it, only revisit and enjoy it there!
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2013 on Wildside... at dovegreyreader scribbles
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Oh please don't stop blogging! Your blog always feels real. It's great, one of the best out there. All best wishes, must be tough for you coping with P so far away!
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I wish you all the very best at this tough time. I would like to thank you for all the hard work and entertainment you have put into this blog too. It is a must-read for me. Re Tinker, my mother lived nearly as close to us as Tinker will be to you. It was a privilege for the whole family. She was exceptionally independent in spirit, which made it all possible and a source of much fun and laughter.
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I really feel for you and P having to be apart, and with P's struggles with the current job market. I always enjoy your blog, and admire the way you are coping through this difficult time. All the very best, Elizabeth.
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