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I had the pleasure of knowing and dealing with Vincenzo Tamburro. He was a great example of how our city employees should be. Therefore, I'm surprised at what is posted by "investigate Vinnie's Death." If Peter and Doug are the adults, god help us all. The assumption that Mr. Floatie and Hen Island are why we have all the problems we do, is narrow minded. I think it time to pull your own head out! They both sat on the audit from 2009. Doug said he investigated the consulting relationship in June 2012 and found no problem with it. Peter thinks everyone is to blame, not those who had the information and authority to exercise change. The RGC members have every right to be upset. It's a shame that postings are associated with a great person and fine example of a civil service employee. Focus on facts! Not politics and personalities.
I will sign up for a committee. There are two that i'd be very interested in being on. It's a good way to get the club running the way we as members would like to see it run.
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If there is nothing to hide release the documents. The longer these things take the more suspicious it is. Are you trying to filter the information. If there is nothing to hide and no wrong doings they would have been released immediately. The Mayor, City Manager & Council members not looking or asking for complete disclosure are "THE BLACK EYE on RYE." Give up the information or get off the DAIS. I watched the video of the Rye Golf Club meeting back in Sept. How is it the City Manager is not on leave. As the "boss" of the club a manager and knowledge of this conflict he isn't doing such a great job. No wonder he can release what he knows.
The survey is to determine what the members think. How they feel about access to a clubhouse, in this case Whitby. It's not to influence any RFP. The only way to get the proper RFP is to have an idea of what your looking for. Don't you think the members should have a say in the future of their clubhouse. It wouldn't surprise me if the survey results show the members would like to have a clubhouse they have access to. They may also support a minimum. I'm a member and have no problem with a minimum and certainly think a clubhouse with access is needed. Food and service could improve. Lets see what type of RFP comes back. Is someone willing to pay the amount needed.
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Dec 12, 2012