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"If Obama stands his ground in that confrontation, this deal won’t look bad in retrospect." -P. Krugman Dr. Krugman seems to apologize for President Obama's failings all the time. Whatever deal materializes, Dr. Krugman and Mr. Yglesias are always on board bleating, "It could have been worse." Please! Take an unequivocal stand ONE TIME! Really, after what just happened and what keeps happening, you have any belief or even hope that President Obama will STAND FOR SOMETHING, ANYTHING? Please! He just traded permanent tax cuts for the rich (by any reckoning) for a temporary unemployment extension and other temporary tax credits. He's playing right into the right wing's hands, if not playing with them! The only times I saw President Obama dig in his heels and stand up for something is when he criticized liberals, his supporters for wanting "purity" and when he repeatedly puts Medicare and Social Security cuts on the table. Dr. Krugman's point is well taken that right wingers aren't serious about deficit reduction, but sadly, pathetically, President Obama isn't serious about protecting society's most vulnerable members from cuts in the social safety net. He appears to be a right wing ally in their efforts to gut it. It's a really crappy way to begin a new year.
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It's admirable you grade 300 exams. Is a class that large conducive to student learning? My idea of teaching and learning is that I let students know exactly what material I expect them to assimilate. Then I help them learn. The exam is designed to reward students who did the reading twice before class, prepared study questions and participated in class discussion, i.e., practiced the analysis. The test isn't a test of memorization and regurgitation. The true test of whether any student learns is if s/he can reproduce the analysis on an exam, in class or in office hours.
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Jan 1, 2013