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Hi ALL!! Did I mention that my whole dock system was destroyed during Sandy and is floating around LI Sound? Yes, that's right, a huge deck which was part of my dock system is floating around LI Sound, most likely, "lurking just below the surface". I don't think I mentioned that because then I'd look like a hypocrite and I don't want anyone in Rye to know I'm not credible. Yes, there are multiple chunks of wood floating around LI Sound from my dock just waiting for one of those cigarette boats to collide with at 60 MPH. I was irresponsible when I built it and didn't secure it enough to withstand a hundred year storm so now all of LI Sound is in danger because of yours truly.
Ray Tartaglione writes to Mayor French: "As you know, I have been publicly vocal regarding the still missing propane tanks that washed into the harbor during the “no name storm” in 1992 and I have been both ignored and then publicly chastised for raising this public safety issue for over a decade................If this issue of submerged missing propane tanks continues to be ignored, the tanks abandoned from 1992, and the 100 pound tanks lost in Hurricane Sandy, are directly akin to submarine type below surface antipersonnel mines - waiting for some innocent family out for a pleasure boat ride off the shores of Hen Island during the boating season. The increased lethal dangers, legal exposure and liability from the past failures to admit and address this submerged propane problem has now increased by at least two fold due to the new 100 pound propane tanks that have been deposited by Hurricane Sandy. " Mr. Mayor, there may also be tanks lurking just below the surface from the hurricanes of 1938 and 1960. I think it's time to purchase the minesweeper. It's Rye's only choice.
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I'm extremely concerned Mayor French hasn't addressed the propane tanks which have been lurking just beneath the surface of Milton Harbor since the no-name storm of 1992. As a user of Milton Harbor, I feel very fortunate I haven't exploded into thin air yet. Additionally, I have been told by some Hen Island old-timers that they lost over 50 propane tanks in the Hurricane of 1938 and another 25 during Hurricane Donna in 1950. After over 80 years of storms and lost propane tanks from Hen Island I feel the odds are now turning against my ability to navigate Milton Harbor safely. If not now, definitely in the next 80 years , someone is going to become a toasted human marshmallow. Mayor French needs to act now to avoid a calamity.
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Jan 15, 2013