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That's good news! Not having a console myself, I feel like I'm not really missing out any more :-) So in the 1990's we saw the end of the arcade machine cabinet that was so popular in the 80's, as a result of competition with consoles and hardware accelerated computers that had reached the same level of quality. Now we are going to witness the end of the console as a result of other devices or ways of playing, formerly considered casual and inferior (also cheaper), catching up with the top end dedicated machines. And because games are so expensive to produce, there can't be any possibility of a market for consoles if it does not encompass the majority of gamers. In other words, in a hardcore-only market, AAA titles cannot exist, which are the main reason one would want a console in the first place.
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Hi Chris, it's been a while, but it seems I'm back! I fail to see a clear distinction between War and Challenge, especially considering any old time game involving weapons - side scroller, or top down, which would have nothing in common with a modern Call of Duty, and much more with a challenge orientated game like Pacman - with the addition of weapons. If we really want to make a distinction based on whether the player has weapons or not (and I do understand that weapons are VERY important in the history of games), maybe we could talk about Avoider vs. War regimes. One a side note, I hope everything is fine for you and the baby after falling down the stairs - but I'm sure it is from you desription. I have a baby girl of 5 months, and reading your post made me realise how extra careful we should always be. Romain
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Sep 14, 2012