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This is reasoning in a circle. Jehovah’s Witnesses need to show that the Holy Spirit is an impersonal force before they can even begin talking about supposed personifications. Doesn't it first need to be demonstrated that the Holy Spirit exists at all?
Try approaching these topics from the perspective that the Bible is of human origin, without any divine inspiration. It all makes more sense that way. Really, it does. Try it.
"True men of God" have been at this for thousands of years and still can't manage to get things straight amongst yourselves. If it is the objective word of God, intent on edifying His precious creations, why would He need you to explain it to us? Through all the years, and all the scholarship, and all the pious pretension, a single unifying explanatory paradigm emerges: It is all made up; every bit of it the product of human hubris and ancient ignorance. When studied from that vantage point, the existence of thousands of titles in a Christian bookstore, and hundreds of differing apologists attempting to make a living on the internet, begins to make a lot more sense. There will always be those who come along to sell us what we can have for free...
1)What is the extra-biblical evidence of the pretexts for Canaanite genocide? 2)How long were the crimes allowed to proceed before action was taken? 3)Could God have done His own butchering?
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Sep 28, 2012