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Wow! In the top 10? Amazing... so, you're rich now, right? 8^) Congrats, Phil! El Doctore
"I note that there is something vexsomly and recursively delightful about filing a vexsome request for a list of vexsome requesters. :-)" Heh! How very "oroborosian." (Is that even a word?) 8^} ---Dr. Schaefer
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2013 on Vexsome at The History of Phone Phreaking Blog
Looks like the video above has been removed and the "associated YouTube account has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement." Meh! Gah! Hu'tegh! ["You've been terminated, fucker!" -- Sarah Connors, aka DMCA] Not so fast, Sarah! (in "Arnoldian" T1 sotto voce) Alternative, working link: "Ray Bradbury - Story of a Writer" (full 25 min. doc./1963) And: "On what today would have been Bradbury’s 92nd birthday, said Michael Meyer, NASA’s lead scientists for the Mars Exploration Program, “In his honor, we declared the place that Curiosity touched down to be forever known as Bradbury Landing.” Meyer’s announcement was followed by applause for Bradbury, as requested by Pete Theisinger, Curiosity’s project manager." See: Dr. Schaefer
Well... that "1000 Abstract Machines" recording was rather... weird. Don't know if it could be termed "music," though. I'd have spiced it up somewhat with edited strings of dialed MF tones, maybe a little "MF Boogie," with stacked tandem sounds un-kerchinking, interspersed into the mix if had had any input. Of course, talk is cheap, and armchair critiques just too easy. 8^} Dr. Schaefer
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Oct 10, 2012