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The Bible makes it clear that disobeying God is sin. Sin is what causes anyone to be put into the eternal Lake of Fire. There is a deeper way to look at this. What was it that preceded all sin in the above cases? Pride includes the belief that I have the right to do WHATEVER I want to do IN SPITE OF GOD. In other words, sin is rejecting God's authority over us, and this rejection starts within our hearts. Also, any methods used to try and justify rejection of God's authority are evil also. This is precisely why atheism, agnosticism, witchcraft, homosexuality and the theory of evolution are evil, for some examples. They are all attempts at justifying our rejection of God's authority, and justify our behavior that has exceeded their proper bounds. This is why a mostly "good" person can still end up in the eternal Lake of Fire. If they reject God's authority in their life, they have already committed the greatest evil possible, and deserve to be punished by God. Sorry that truth offends, but it is what it is. God's words do not change
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Dec 20, 2012