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Chris, With so many propane tanks lurking just below the water line, anyone skipping stones across the water should have their head examined.,30860/
Rumor has it that there are scientists living on Hen Island thru the winter that are working on a ballistic missile that will wipe Rye off the map. And to think that we can't even send in the Navy Seals because Milton Harbor is mined with under-water propane IED's. Damn those sneaky Hen Islanders!
I'm the only one around here with a positive mental attitude. The only negative thing I say is that the whole world is against me and there are propane tanks that have been floating just under the surface of the water of Milton Harbor for the last 21 years. Besides that I'm always positive. Just read my posts here on MyRye if you want to feel happy or look at the videos I produce, pure joy.
Everyone of those people in that photo supporting Steve Otis at his swearing-in is corrupt. Otis was the first person that screwed me, well actually, my friends on Hen Island screwed me first, then Otis, then Plunkett, then Shew, then Ball, then Platt, then Gamache, then WBOH, then the State DEC screwed me. Then I got screwed by the NYS state courts, then the NYS appeals court, then Culross, then French, then Levitsky, then the city assessor,and then the WBOH again, then NYS DEC again, then Jovanovich, then Fillippi, then Parker, then NYS courts again, then my friends on Hen Island again and now we're back to Otis. I didn't even mention Tambborra, Police Commissioner Connors, Lenny Myerson, The guy after Myerson at the WBOH and the guy after that at the WBOH. And how could I forget George Lattimer. They've all screwed me because there all part of a well coordinated conspiracy against me. Everyone involved in the gov't from Andrew Cuomo on down to the guy who sweeps the floors in Rye City Hall is involved.
Chris Henn, You got me all wrong. I believe Ray Tartaglione is correct. There ARE propane tanks floating just below the surface in Milton Harbor that have been there since 1992. I think I saw one a few years back floating just below the surface in front of the AYC. I named it Nessie. It's the only possible answer to the question "Where are the missing propane tanks that floated away in 1992?". Where else would they be? Obviously, they're floating around in Milton Harbor just waiting to explode. Do you have a better explanation as to where those tanks are?? And please don't tell me they washed up on shore somewhere, I wasn't born yesterday. BTW, I think if we offer them $200,000 for the minesweeper I think they would take it.
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Jan 14, 2013