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Chris, Ray Tartaglione writes: "My dock is not missing. What was left of it was deposited in one of two, forty yard dumpsters " What about the stuff that wasn't "left"??????????? Where did that go ?? Can you say "lurking just beneath the surface of Milton Harbor"????
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Saw this movie already. Bad. The guy has no clue as to what no impact really means.
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How Schubert was allowed to destroy pristine wetlands by bringing in a large excavating machine with metal tracks to dig a huge hole for a pond in protected wetlands will always be one of life's biggest mysteries. While he may have thought his pond was beautiful, I thought it was a stain on Rye. It may take Mother Nature a few hundred years to undo Shuberts's folly but nature will make things right eventually.
The only thing that's allowed to float off Hen Island are propane tanks. Wood always floats directly in place and never is moved by the waves or wind. The wood floating in the water from smashed up Hen Island docks miraculously floats directly into dumpsters provided by GOD during the storm to ensure there is never any wooden debris in the LI Sound from Hen Island after large storms. GOD even refuses to afford such divine intervention to the AYC as evidenced by their ice machine ending up on Hen Island. Every stick of wood from the five Hen Island docks destroyed by Sandy was accounted for. Each piece of wood is numbered with a permanent marker before the dock is built. To ensure all the wood is accounted for when the dock is destroyed, each stick of wood is placed into the dumpsters by GOD in numerical order to ensure no piece floats around LI Sound.
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Jan 18, 2013