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I have been in the mattress business for over 25 years, and know the business inside and out. The mistake most people making when buying a mattress is that did not think it thru before the they go out shopping. First thing to realize is that a mattress gets a little softer over time. So no matter how it feels in the store it will in fact get a lot softer as time goes by. There is no mattress made that will not continually get softer and softer. That is way most people end up replacing there mattress, it has gotten soft or has started sagging in the middle. So when buying a mattress look for one that is harder then you like. Then go and buy mattress pads or toppers, to soften it up to get the feel you like. Spend less money on the mattress and more on the linens. If you do it this way your mattress will last a very long time It is much more cost effective way to do it in the long run. Also the next time you need a mattress don't just stop at the first store with air dancer waving you in for the big sale, and think you will get a great deal. The trick to getting a good price on a mattress is to buy them in the summer when mattress stores are in there slow season. That is when they will give you the very best price.
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Mar 11, 2013