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Very interesting post. I kind of relate to you eventhough I am not asian, but have african origins and people do have the same behaviour towards me. I can't count how many times people are asking me if I weren't the girl of that café, or is my name is not Aminata or Koumba because I exactly look like a friend they have. It tends to irritate me too but then I take it to the second-degree since my mom was still unable to recognize our pharmacist when stumbling upon him in the streets or doing the groceries eventhough we have known him for some good 10 years ! I think you did great not mentioning Ana May Wong and instead introducing us to brand new chinese women (at least for me) enabling us to know more about China. On an other note, your blog and this post is an other great example of your ability to deal with any type of subject with always in mind culture. That is why you will always stay a great example for me, blogger. Shug Avery of Incognito
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Mar 27, 2013