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Using Adult land for any community that does not want to include teenagers makes perfect sense to me. I don't think people visiting a privately owned sim or parcel should feel they have a right to behave in ways the paying landowner dislikes. So if someone wants to put a general rated RP on their Adult parcel, well they're paying for it. People are very adverse to "getting into trouble" and part of the flight to Adult is simply that. It's also a way to preserve the older, anarchic SL culture where you did not have to worry what conservative you were offending when you put up an art nude painting, or had a guest wearing a sheer skimpy gown. Things that might be perfectly normal at a party... of adults.
So LL needs to do the following: 1) severely drop the tier 2) impose a cost for the Marketplace for merchants who have not logged in for the past six months. A small cost, to get attention, would be sufficient to clear out unsupported content. In this way small merchants, who are vital to marketing to the many long tail communities in SL, are not penalized. 3) I personally would add that the unused, abandoned trashed up mainland should be either deleted or converted into parkland or sailable water. 4) New user experience needs to matter to LL and it needs to be managed, full stop.
OP: are you trying to kill off Second Life for good? Why should the merchants be the ones that are obligated to maintain the land market? Shouldn't that be done by the customers who buy products and hold tier so that they can create experiences in world? Putting this burden on the merchants is exactly backwards. SL could not exist without the merchants, because most residents are unable to build for themselves at a level that would entice them to stay in SL. Because LL benefits from the labor of the merchants, it has been able to survive without an art department of its own. If you cull the merchants you will also cull the landowners and renters who still able and willing to spend money in SL. I cannot think of a faster way to shrink SL to nothing.
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Jan 15, 2013