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I eat avocados in the skin. I cut them in half, cross slice it in the skin, sprinkle in sea salt, pour olive oil in the pit, mix and eat. Sometimes a little cube will fall to the floor where the dogs are standing in wait. I thought, "You know, I remember seeing a Huell Houser video a couple of years ago where he interviews an orchard guy and his dog is eating avocado. I wonder why the ASPCA says they're bad for dogs." So I came online to search "avocados bad for dogs myth" and came across this blog. And then I went to rewatch the video. All of the guy's dogs eat avocados and for years: Huell Howser, Avocados and a Dog that Eats Avocados (1:23)
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2013 on Dogs and Avocado, parts 2 and 3 at heathervescent
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Jan 30, 2013