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i understand there is nothing coming by way of quarterback in the draft and free agency. also, i understand there are a number of question marks still surrounding foles, which means the eagles are concerned about having no "real" QB to start the season. however, that doesnt mean the eagles should panic and secure vick for another year. by no means am i a vick hater. i just irked that vick became the best option when he should have been no option at all. i dont see any upside to having him around.....his skill set is vastly diminished, he has aged tremendously in the last few years, and he simply cannot stay healthy! we rid ourselves of many of the reasons of why this team underperformed last year. this is one reason that should have been sent adrift as well.
so, the eagles have officially hired two coaches from a team (browns) that was 5-11 last year to be our OC and DC. wow, this is all making so little sense!
charles murphy hit the nail on the head. pro athletes who go broke can most often attribute their financial rock bottom to the combination of excessive spending, foolish investments, and supporting the lifestyles of the leeches who cling to them. furthermore, because they are often treated like superman during their playing days, many of these athletes neglect to realize they will age and with their aging their craft and skill will diminish as well meaning when they are 45, they will not be making the same money as when they were 25. simply put, the think the well is endless when in fact one day that well will eventually run dry. the problem is they were to busy spilling, spraying, and wasting water instead of saving it!
i dont understand the hatred for howard! yes, he whiffs quiet often and does so on pitches that drive us up a wall. however, he also a dude that has had some amazing seasonal performances, including some amazing septembers that propelled us into the playoffs. i agree with john in that i would like to see a better performance from him this year, but i also agree with joe in that howard certainly deserves a free pass for last year. i have never torn my achilles tendon but i have to imagine its touch to battle back from it both physically and mentally!
that was a nasty series of punches that actually made a connection. looks as though his head slammed to the ice as well. i would imagine that the dude is waking up with one hell of a headache this morning.
aside from a 7 game stretch in 2010, the michael vick experiment has been a complete disaster. its time for the experiment to be aborted already! now, that doesn't mean i am high on foles and believe he is the savior. however, i think he deserves a further shot. much of his opportunity last season came behind a deplorable offensive line. additionally, a considerable amount of that time was without the services of the offensive's two most explosive stars; shady and desean. that said, i think foles deserves a full season before the jury can truly begin it deliberations on him. ultimately, we parted with ways with reid and we need to do the same with vick. having vick around will serve as a continual reminder of reid's failed and damaged goods.
@Mr. Naseburns, i like reuben frank, but i dont think he wins in a head-to-head battle with miss. eskin can say all he wants about how he wanted to get back to TV, but it really came down to miss taking his ratings. ultimately, i only listen to miss because i find him to be the far lesser of two evils. the other evil being gargano and macnow.
true rollinsbrain, but the trolls needed to be gone. one of the reasons why i loved this site was the varying opinions of its readers. i liked reading all the different perspectives of people on this site and to chime in on debates. lately though, its been nothing but pure junk in the comments section. hardly anything of substance or merit. it was getting worse by the day. kyle was right to demand logins as it was a long time coming.
not an energy expert, but if i had to guess the reasoning for the outage it would be exactly the explanation that was given in this clip. between all the extra demands for power, they probably had way too much energy flowing into the building last night and that safety breaker kicked in. an outage might have been best since it could have been worse had there been an explosion and/or fire. you live and learn. this way, it doesnt occur next year in giants stadium.
btw, with baltimore having won last night, that now makes it 4 straight years that the team the eagles opened their season/home opener with would eventually go onto win the super bowl (ravens 2012, giants 2011, green bay 2010, and saints 2009.) that said, i pray the the scheduling heads do not have us opening against KC next year because its obvious that karma is on the side of whoever we play then!
agreed on the ray lewis points, kyle. unfortunately, this is not the end of him. in the coming years, we now get the wonderful opportunity of seeing him and his fraudulent ways behind the desk of a pregame analysis team. i believe he is inked for a position with ESPN so expect more of him and his righteous ways! moving forward, i always thought beyonce was hot, but i also thought she was overrated too. however, she was looking like an 11 last night! wow, she was scorching hott! as for the harbaugh brothers, while i understand the stakes were ultimately high last night, they both proved themselves to be whiney bitches. they seemed to whine with almost every call and did so in a child-like manner, ie throwing papers on the ground. lastly, kudos on the log-in requirement. trolls will have to troll elsewhere now.
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Feb 4, 2013