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Oct 28, 2011
Pamela, you'll be delighted to know that Frank Aqila, author of the just released book I'm reviewing entitled SARAH PALIN: OUT OF NOWHERE, predicts that she will announce the first week of September, and if she gets the nomination, has pegged Allen West as her VP. Frank is the head of the Manteca Republicans, and so heavily campaigned McCain to pick Sarah that they called him that August morning and said, "Congratulations, Frank, you got your girl!" Now the whole world knows where she came from and how...Pamela, I highly recommended this thoroughly researched book, which includes in depth analysis of Obama, McCain, Hillary Clinton, Biden, and communist goals gobbling up the nation. He will be my co host on a radio shown I'm guest hosting, starting next week. I'm hoping to have you on from Israel too, if you have the time! First week of September, everyone.... WARCHICK
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2011 on I love huh! at Atlas Shrugs
Auntie, even if it were true, how does their "sin" justify islammunism's massive, continued, and unashamed evil? D..bwah hah hah! Towg, niiiiiiice...evil can only begat suffering, sorrow, anguish, anger, retardation, and insanity...what do you know? Islammunism proves that truth! WARCHICK
You and me both, Pam. You should see the #PoliticallyCastrated #Islammunist #Assholery I've been getting since I blogged about my horror at finding out I was one of the 1500 he emailed his manifesto to right before he massacred: This is what happens when you hand your balls over to Political Castration: you're impotent, whiny, and stupid, cause when you choose evil, intelligence exits with your balls and sanity -- WARCHICK
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2011 on Evil Unleashed at Atlas Shrugs
Umm...hello? Homeland security? Can you put down the white Baptist Grandma from Minnesota and take a moment to find some REAL terrorists? Are you reading this? Oh yeah, it's the O can't read but demand we hire you anyway. Robert has his Y chromosome...this eunuch handed his over before puberty -- WARCHICK
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2010 on Booking Death Threat at Atlas Shrugs
Wow, just like a muzzie: distract and divert. Next comes evasion, denial, and finally lying or "taqiya." Way to get off the topic at hand, Maria...or should I say Momar? Did daddy say it was OK, or should we tell him his female offspring is online expressing opinions? Do your male relatives know you're out of the barn? If you aren't willing to walk the muzzie talk, how's about we call up all those "real men" of muslimania and just let them know so they can defend the family honor? After all, allah commands it. Pathetic, Burka Betty. At least Tokyo Rose was forced to do what she did; you are choosing this even after the residue of brain washing has receded. It'll be your own who will be your undoing...ask Soroya M. about muzzie males sometime and their sense of "honor." --- WARCHICK
"There's no way as a Yemeni that I would ever, ever walk in front of cameras in a bikini," said Ms. Al-Masani, 25. "I'd rather be caught dead.", why did she join a pageant that has both cameras AND bikinis? I mean, if I wouldn't be caught dead voting for Obama, I don't pull the lever next to his muzzie name. Yep, this broads a sand logic, no reason, lots of feces --- WARCHICK
They BELIEVE it was an honor killing??? My kingdom for a man with the balls to know it when they see it! WARCHICK
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Posted Dec 31, 2009 at WARCHICKUSA's blog
I'm shocked...NOT! Pamela, do you ever lose? Way to go, studette! WARCHICK
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Dec 31, 2009