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i've heard somewhere that it was also a personal thing against Jake. Cause he switched sides. Partly it was him they wanted to destroy and everything that was important to him.
but partly it is important that this film makes money. It shows that people went to watch it and that they listen...hopefully...
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wow! Neytiri has such a manly upper body...
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I hate when people don't understand my feelings for avatar and think i's crazy how many times i've seen it
well...truth hurts some people. It awakes their conciense which they wish to ignore
but we want to be on Pandora again...and lear about the society more... :(
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isn't their knife madeof the banshee's claw?
i was wondering about it too. I've noticed the tooth in the scene where he is tryin to find and catch his ikran
wow! youare such a good writer! more plz! :)
wow! where do these bioluminescent plants live? and any names? I knew about bioluminescence in the deep sea but not about elsewhere.
FTU, I don't get it. How is this part a message to that? He's explpring nature here. Btw, I am a diver and these kind of fan things exist in the sae but smaller. I play with them this way too :P
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Dave, it's been noted :) However, their world have been eliminated too. It's only for show now :(
I love this bit when he tries to swat these away.
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wow...I wish I could make that change
I still think he held his breath :P
I think you mean when he went after the humans when they were stealing the hellicopter. I think he was holdisng his breath. it wasnt for long. I was also wondering about it at the time...
I don't think it recognises Neytiri, it's just sybolises the help o nature to Navi and we happen to see it with Neytiri. Maybe the others ride thanators as well. but that's just my personal opinion.
I will hold out for later too. I'm still a student. Can't afford to spill out.
Their blood is red. What's the question about the field guide? I don't get it...
what's the fb group's name?
Tom, don't forget what the Navi were based upon. Ancient civilisations, US basically. So we have the potential. And the Navi fight between tribes too.
On a slightly different note, I've heard on the radio today that with rising unemployment rates, substance abuse is rising. People want to escape reality basically...We want to as well...but in a legal and more real way that would give us streght instead of taking it away
but we can have connection like them. It's just everyone is too busy with their own self to notice. Steve is right. :)
I have faith in Mother Earth and the few of us. I'm just worried it's not enough. It's a bit of that bows and arrows against gunships-situation. To win this, we need most of the people. But these people are all busy trying to get the newest gadget or fashion item. They "cannot see"! I'm worried it will be too late when they finally do... :(
LOL about NINAT!!! So funny! Is the the one who si a good hunter or sings well? But dreamwalker Earth is not the problem. It's us. it's our people. I explained it elsewhere. Basically people don't value anything any more and are selfish. It's to do with the science vs god debate. Humans feel they are invincible and feel that they individually have the right for everything and the newest of it all. It's globalisation...just caused this crash... But we can't just leave....something gotta change but I dont know how it will happen. This world is full of selfish people....let's hope our mother Earth saves the situation :P