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MP, im actually not going for either side. I see your point but when your 18 and just turned 18 you dont think like an adult at 30. Its not like on that birthday it all clicks and you become and adult. Humans dont function that way. If this was a man or woman not in the high school and they didnt date and have intimacy prior to her turning that magical number I would totally agree they should go to jail. Keep in mind that many people get married with an age difference well beyond 4 years! But she was dating her prior to turning 18 and as Malito pointed out, you dont just say ok im 18 so not into you anymore. Politicians created that cut off and funny enough we claim they are adults but they arent adult enough to drink. In my view its two kids in high school and should be treated as such. If it was a 22 year old teacher with a student I would have a different view. We all made mistakes and im sure if i was crucified like so many kids are today thanks to social media. I can be sure i wouldnt have been able to do anything with my life. You all keep being the angry mob with torches and the axes. We all know how that ends for everyone involved. I can speak from experience as I was 14 old boy when I slept with a 22 year old woman. I was no victim, I manipulated that woman to get what I wanted and I knew what I was doing. I simply feel for a child who may never enjoy life bc of a simple number and law when non of us know the full details other then the two young ladies involved.
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Like trying to talk to a five year old with a temper tantrum... yes you are all right. I hope you guys are more in touch with what your kids are doing. It seems all of you live in a dark closet and dont see what they are exposed to on a regular basis. At 14 I and all my friends where very well aware of sex and I would say 90 percent where active in exploring sex in one way or another. We all make mistakes and statutory rape was established to stop adults(like priests) from molesting and raping kids. They where in a relationship and im sure they where intimate before she was 18. So it suddenly became and issue because a day passed and she was now 18 and not 17 and 364 days old. Come on take your heads out your ..... bibles lol! Any god would be ashamed with the amount of hate those who say they are faithful spit everyday.
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Alessandra, what you stated is why the world today is so screwed up. Look how you took a tragedy and turned it into an ideological fight. If this is so wrong why are they allowed on the same team and then share a locker room? Your extreme views are no different then how terrorist view our way of life. I would also like to point out how they also use religion to support their actions and beliefs. Furthermore, I would like to point out WWJD. I bet jesus wouldnt go on the internet, spreading hate and judging thy neighbor. People like you are the reason I don't participate in organized religion. It's obviously for those who cant think and simply follow. Have fun being a sheep. While those who think are free to and let other do the same!
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May 24, 2013