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Hey! Two births due in the quick succession then :-) Hearty congratulations to you both, and here's to a bit more chaos...what every brain needs!
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2013 on Chaos Upgrade at Only a Game
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Thanks for this link Chris. MM is one of my heroines so it was lovely to see her in action.
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2013 on Midgley on the Self at Only a Game
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Hey Chris - hope the viva goes well. I did mine last week (staggered to get doctorate awarded with no corrections!) - can't quite believe that it is finally all over. One nice consequence though is that I'm now free to begin my pile of 'books to read when I finish my PhD' - including 'The Mythology of Evolution'which I'm really looking forward to. Also - thanks to the serendipity of twitter - been reading Christy Dena's piece on emotion in games and thence to Nicole Lazzaro's stuff on 4 keys to fun - and so starting to dabble my toes in IHobo too (gaming is a whole new world for me). All of which have fed into thoughts on a possible paper for a science/religion conference next year. Love this kind of connectivity across the disciplines. Thanks for providing so much wonderful material in your blogs :-D
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2013 on Temporal Disruption at Only a Game
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Aug 24, 2013
Thanks Chris - I really enjoyed this....both the the way you've done it and the themes you explore - over which I've had many sharp debates with certain colleagues in the science/religion organisation I'm involved in! I once had to do a philosophy essay in the form of a dialogue between Descartes and Feuerbach but it didn't work nearly as well as this one does :-) I also once had a t-shirt with the Nietzsche quote on - and indeed I still use that comment sometimes to justify my non-orderly interior landscape and its associated approach to thinking!
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Jun 13, 2013
:-D Glad to have made a small return. And yes, I am sure we will be speaking more in the future and I look forward to those conversations-to-come.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2013 on Chaos Ethics Draft Blurb at Only a Game
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Hi Chris, and thanks for the welcome. I've always enjoyed your blog and I can honestly say it has ratcheted up my own creative thinking in all sorts of areas as well as opening out some new horizons which I'm really relishing wandering along. For both of which - Thank you! Actually I've hovered on the brink of commenting on a number of occasions in the past but never have for a variety of reasons - most of which probably wouldn't bear too close an examination! Howbeit, I am eventually out of the woodwork - and it's because of the new book which I KNOW I'm going to enjoy. I guess that's because i don't find your way of coming at things to be odd at all - to me it seems the most natural,stimulating and fertile way to do one's thinking. In that respect, I think I've always been an instinctive transdisciplinarian - or maybe I should say transcognitive which is how I currently think of it - but it was only the journey of doing my PhD (which began as simply theological and....evolved!) that has recently set me free to recognise and revel in that! So yes - I'm looking forward to seeing where you will go with Chaos Ethics, and how you will lay out that journey for your readers, and anticipating a stimulating ride - though I have no idea where it might take me! But that of course is the thrill of the Game... Pat
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2013 on Chaos Ethics Draft Blurb at Only a Game
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Hi Chris First time commenting on your blog - though I've been delving into it on and off over a number of years. Just wanted to say think the new book sounds great - methodology appeals to me as much as the content, maybe even more so! I'm loving 'Imaginary Games' (it was your posting on Caillois' categories of play that first landed me, though Games are not my background) and I have 'The Mythology of Evolution' ready and waiting..... I signed in with google and for some reason have been assigned the identity 'D' - which I can't immediately see how to change! For the record, it's Pat and I'm a (very) mature student who's just finished a PhD segueing between theology, philosophy, cognitve neuroscience and immunology(now you'll understand why your 'collisions' approach appeals!)
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2013 on Chaos Ethics Draft Blurb at Only a Game
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Jun 11, 2013