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Great song, great video. I was actually hoping the guy would come back to him in the end. Unrequited love is as ageless as love gone wrong. I keep thinking Kenny Cheney must be gay too, not only because of the 4 month marriage to Renée Zellweger, but because he doesn't seem to date anyone! Dude... if you are gay, just come on out ... who cares?
This is the biggest bunch of baloney yet! Paula Deen is being used by some idiot, who claims she doesn't want the money, only for Deen to be aware of those she has offended. CRAPOLA! This entire situation offends me! Who gives a rats butt of she said the infamous "N"-word? Blacks use it constantly. Blacks call us "crackers" and anything else. I don't see the media making a big deal out of that. Or how about Jamie Foxx commenting on his character in that movie I refuse to watch (will not watch another thing with that piece of racist dog-dung in it)... about how he "gets to kill all the white people.. how Black is that". He can say THAT a few months ago and everything one thinks that is just wonderful.... Paula utters a word in a stressful situation and 20 some odd years later she is CRUCIFIED for it? Shame on the Food Network, shame on everyone jumping on her like sharks in a bloody pool and shame on the media for giving this story one second of air time! Never watched Paula but I will support her because now... We are ALL Paula Deen.
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Jul 16, 2013