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I'm going with Phil Robertson!
Toggle Commented May 20, 2020 on Go, Get 'em, Phil at Triad Conservative
And has been for some time now......
Is it a Republican position that taxpayers ought to pay for PAC's? Ballpark, PAC's, its all the same. These people don't give a darn about conflict of interests. They only care about their interests. What is a public servant these days? They are anything but. ALL of them. On another note- is this also a Republican position? This bill affects people only in VA,MD, and DC. The headline is a little misleading. One should also ask. Is it a Republican position that they take ones rights away? Republicans, SMH.
Today its the monuments, tomorrow its the flag.
I believe one of the men that ran against him (Greg Brannon) warned about moves like this from Thom. I heard a few people say, "Brannon is a whack", well the "whack" was right. Now who's the whack?!
The media in a nutshell Remember what happened to Michael Hastings? Propaganda peddling poodles....the watchdog is now the lapdog!
I hope not!
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2015 on Paul hits Cruz at Triad Conservative
Thats a pretty strong ad.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2015 on Paul hits Cruz at Triad Conservative
I call BS on Barber and Mary Kay not being aware of the CEU. Its time to put national politics on the back burner and focus like a laser on our local politicians. If liberals and conservatives could unite and fill the chambers at the next meeting, these people would be scared to death. As for the civil unrest- I pray I'm wrong, but I'm afraid it's coming, nation wide.
If you compare the City of Greensboro's history, to the career of Tiger Woods, the similarities are striking. It seems, they make a good fit. From birdies to bogies. From jobs, to where are they? From winning majors to missing the cut. From feeding the hungry to we have too many hungry to feed. You get the idea, they are both trending downward. So while the mayor may boast on twitter about Tiger Woods coming to Greensboro, I think the city and Tiger Woods are both in desperate need for some good leadership. (#TheTruthHurts)
I take it you will not be attending?
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2015 on Burr Fundraiser Invitation at Triad Conservative
I very seriously doubt a warrant is issued for every use of the device. I would throw the progressive right in there as well. Its all propaganda!
Look into Neighborhood Oriented Policing. I had issues with the GPD not too long ago and learned about NOP. Needless to say, the officers I have spoken with, aren't too happy with its implementation. It was also DOJ grant implemented strategy. Look up on YESWeekly's search browser: Neighborhood Oriented Policing and some of the quotes from the new chief. He makes a reference to "predicting" crime. I have heard a lot about this trend, and the role technology will be playing in policing. By "progressive policing", I wonder if they mean breaking the law type of policing. I think Greensboro uses the stingray device. From what I understand it collects data from unaware citizens. Violation of the 4th amendment. By the way, any department that uses it, signs a contract saying that they will not share any info about its capabilities or use.
For what it's worth..... There is too much in common here: -migration/immigration/infiltration -government corruption -debt -war
Anyone who doubts the stats provided by Chriss Street at Breitbart, need look no further than High Point and the furniture industry. It's sad.
I love the fact that Dr. Floyd quoted Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It tells me that he understands the times in which we live. Totalitarianism is staring us in the eyes and it is time to stand, NOW!
Check out his post on this comment thread. I will be sending money outside of my district to him in support. It sounds like he gets it.
Party first, country second. I believe there are a few other NC reps that would proudly take his place and tow the party line.
What is this U.S Constitution you speak of, TC? Constitution sounds like such an antiquated word. In Thom's victory speech, I sat on my couch, just waiting the hear him reference the Constitution. His speech came and went without one mention of it.
Rand Paul voted yea? What!? Interesting article.
Sadly, I agree with this post.
The political season is ripe for an Independent to run for any political office on a national or local level. An Independent, with a Republican and Democrat on each side of him/her, could have a field day with the two. Its sickening!!
This was the best speech I've heard in a really long time from a politician! Why are his words so refreshing?
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2015 on Rand Paul Announcement at Triad Conservative