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Klaas Z4us V
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Programmers or rather developers of software do use real computer languages while others write scripts, some without knowing they do, because the GUI is able to perform code in whatever language as we call it under water and print the result on whatever piece of hardware is filling up some space in their room, office or even pubs, libraries at the other end of the world or beyond. I used to develop applications in Cobol, hosting a CoDaSyl hierarchic/network database supported by some geeky assembler routines, procedures. Times changed: Now just about everybody, database administrator "knows" SQL and manipulates relational databases as easy as using a pocket calculator. What's that? The most simple smartphone has one included. Since I worked as a developer when it was still called programmer, I prefer the real thing going deep inside the operating system cooperating nicely with all applications built-in, downloaded. I love to add more shells and wrappers with bells and whistles so the others have to code less in BASIC, Java, Perl etcetera. Zephyros MMXI is going to help. It's still a beta though, but great fun.
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May 1, 2013