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I am probably not the best case for format size comparison. I have been a film shooter for many years and still shoot everything from Minox to 4x5... I was a late adopter of digital photographer. I bought a used Nikon D70 to use as my training wheels and to help me make a decision on whether to get any deeper into Digital. My next camera was a D700. I waited until a good full frame digital Nikon camera was available before committing any real money to it because all of my 35mm glass would work without having to remember to multiply by 1.4 to figure out the format and more importantly I have alwasys enjoyed being able to control my depth of field. A FF Camera makes this much easier. What I have found since owning the D700 is that the main advantage is in low light capability. I was recently at a birthday party for a friend when my friend's son asked me to take a few pics of him proposing to his girlfriend. The party was being held under the carport/patio at the back of the house. Lighting for this was a single 100 watt bulb and some (not much) white christmas lights strung along the top of the carport. It looked a lot better than this sounds. Suffice it to say I was being asked to take make some VERY important images and to do it in the dark. If I had known I was going to be doing this I would have brought a speedlight. I cranked the ISO on the D700 ALL the way up and prayed the images would not be too noisy. I was astonished at how well the camera did. I really believe the images made in that low light situation were better than what I would have gotten using flash. It was natural and even though somewhat posed it looked more like what an onlooker might have seen if they had been there. I have friends who shoot Nikon D300's they say their cameras could have never done this. Like most things this might change but FF has a distinct advantage in low light. If you want to be prepared to shoot in any light you can see FF will help get you there.
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I recently purchased a IR converted Nikon D70. I have thus far had a bunch of fun with it and maybe even made a good image or two... I will be very interested in whatever you choose to include on the blog about your IR experiences. I don't know of this interests you - but I would be very interested in color IR results and how you go about getting the RAW IR file to look "right."
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I have not encountered this particular situation. I have encountered similar situations where an older person who was wheelchair bound, or unable to stand with a group was one of the people needing to be in a group picture. What I have done in the past is to put the wheelchair in the center of the photo and then group everyone around that person. That would have been possible here. I might have possibly also placed the teacher in the center behind the wheelchair bound child. Some children would be on floor level - perhaps even kneeling on one knee to get them at a level close to that of the wheelchair bound child. You would still use the riser to adjust for height of the people in the back rows. My composition would have likely turned out to be a heart shape. I would shoot it vertically and horizontally so that it could be fit into whatever the layout dictated. There is no way to minimize the chair (unless you place children kneeling or sitting in front of it...). It is what it is and you just have to work around it and try to be as sensitive as possible to the situation. "Speedy"
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Jun 18, 2013