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Professor, I strongly agree with you. I had mixed feelings while I was watching the movie, but the more time that passes, the more I dislike it. ** SPOILERS AHEAD ** SPOILERS AHEAD ** SPOILERS AHEAD ** Here's how I would rewrite the ending. Assume that everything went exactly the same, right up until the moment that Superman has Zod in a headlock. As the beams of Zod's heat vision edge closer to the cringing family, Superman pleads with Zod to stop, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Desperate to save the people, Superman clamps his free arm over Zod's eyes. Twin screams of agony tear the air apart: Superman's, as his costume dissolves and his bare arm blackens and blisters from the incredible heat; and Zod's, as his beams are reflected back into his own eyes, but still he won't turn them off. After what seems like an eternity, Zod falls to the ground, his charred eye sockets staring up blindly, as he has burned out his own brain. Ignoring his physical pain, Superman cries in regret, his one arm hanging limp, a useless charred husk. The onlookers gaze at him with awe, acknowledging his heroism and sacrifice. The next scene, with the General and the drone, takes place as before, except that Superman's arm is in some sort of cast. The scene between Clark and Martha in Smallville is also the same, but with an extra bit of dialogue at the start; something like this (but better written): Martha: Clark, I can't believe how your arm has healed. A couple of months ago, I was sure that you'd lose it. But now it looks almost as strong as before. Clark (flexing his arm): I thought it was gone, too. I guess that fast healing is another one of my powers. I never knew that before. Martha: Well, why on Earth should you? You never got hurt before. End result? Earth is safe. Zod is dead. But Superman didn't kill him directly, and chose self-sacrifice rather than the easy route. Opinions? Would that have worked better for you?
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Jun 24, 2013