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Topic #3: Stick shift, yes! I have a 1988 Jetta and the transmission is buttery smooth. Plus manual brakes, windows, door lock, steering. You have to _drive_ this car. It handles like it's on railroad tracks, really hugs the road. In spite of its many charms I thought maybe it was time to end my time with this car and didn't think it would be worth much. Au contraire, turns out it's a so-called Classic and has increased its value the last few years. Paul Whiting, Billings Even though I've pretty much gone over to the Dark Side, I can't part with this film beauty. At my peak I was taking over a roll of Tri-X a week, and some of those are still some of my best photos. Simply put, I was "seeing well" and this camera didn't get in the way of seeing well. I have a 50 and a 90 but most of my photos were taken with this 35mm Summaron.
Can someone tell me what IBIS is? Thanks... Paul [in-body image stabilization. --Mike]
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Aug 5, 2013