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Hi Suzy! This is probably going to sound bad in the beginning but hopefully you stick with me till the end. I met you a few times WAY back in the day, at Srapbook Oasis. You were usually talking about the latest layout you were trying to get published, or that one of your projects had been accepted or rejected. And my "observation/assumption" about you was that you were kind of snobby and looked down on the rest of us. (In reality I knew nothing about you, and I'm sure this was WAY more about my own issues than about you!) So, fast forward 20 years (and my own additional 40 lbs) and I see your name on someone else's blog, and end up here. I'm so sorry to read this post about everything you've gone through!! What a difficult thing for someone who always seemed like such an active, social person. The last 20 years have not been easy for me either, including a divorce and both my boys having some special needs. But all those things have brought me a similar insight and maturity. Once you've been through these really difficult things, does our dress size really matter? There have been days, or even weeks, when I was proud of myself for showering and getting out of bed! I sometimes think the things I cared about and worried about were so superficial that God decided to provide me with these lessons to teach me what is really important! I would like to officially apologize for judging you when I didn't know you. And from the bottom of my heart I wish you the best in your recovery and treatment options. I'll pray that they are able to find a solution to help you. Take care... Kathy
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Aug 8, 2013