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Sarah Ehud
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WHAT'S WRONG HERE? "SAVE Dade" Deputy Commissar Maria Barth says that “SAVE Dade blames Bell because she was the only commissioner to vote against the proposal in its first reading three months ago.” How could the “only commissioner to vote against the proposal” stop the proposal? What about all the other members of the Commission? Don’t the other 12 County Commissioners count for anything or amount to much??? Are we missing something here? Is "SAVE Dade" implying that they require TOTAL control of the Miami-Dade County Commission to get their evidently dangerous and discriminatory ordinance passed? Since when does the vote of “only one commissioner" determine what gets approved or rejected by the Miami-Dade County Commission??? Again, are we missing something here? Yes! We are missing the fact that "SAVE Dade" ideologues are not rational, level-headed, fair-minded, sane individuals. They are inmates running an insane asylum. As someone already pointed out, they need professional help before they injure themselves or others. Let’s hope "SAVE Dade" ideologues get the help they need before it’s too late.
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Aug 15, 2013