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In theory, GMO could absolutely be used for the betterment of society. I don't have a problem with the science, which is only as good, or as bad, as those utilizing it. In practice, however, I have profound problems with the fact that we are granting such a high level of control over our agriculture and food supply to a limited number of corporations who have one goal and one goal only: Profit. That's what corporations are specifically designed for, after all. And for companies like Monsanto, there is a circular logic in which you develop and patent seeds which are resistant to the chemicals which you yourself sell, so that the entire sales cycle from seed to spray, season after season, is in your control. And when, as is happening already, the weeds develop resistance and your Roundup no longer rounds up much of anything (and this, unlike the Seralini study, is well-documented), guess who you turn to for your new chemical cocktail, and new patented seeds? Yep, the same company that got you in the mess. GMO could benefit humanity profoundly. Monsanto, Dow, et al, on the other hand, are going to screw farmers for their last dime, because they are, in the end, just what they've always been, chemical companies, and they do what they do best, which is sell chemicals.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2013 on The Seralini Rule at Skeptico
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Aug 15, 2013