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Ill try to explain the best I could. My baby Siberian husky just passed away this weekend he was 7.5 years young born 1-1-06 R.I.P 6-15-13. One day he used the bathroom like he usually does after that he went to jump around all happy like all the time after he goes all the sudden he cried real loud like he got hit after that he sat down looking sad I checked him didn't see any cuts or anything so I told him to lay down. After a few hours he tried to get up to greet my brother at the front door then he let out that cry again I checked again and nothing.we going home now he goes to get in the truck he jumped in and let out little bark like it hurt him to jump so I took him home thinking it was his tail cause it was down its never down we get home he can't sit comfortable he's whining by my moms side like he's asking for help. Me an gf take him to his doctor they check him out doc tells me he can't say what it is unless he does X-rays we do them he tells me it's bones stuck inside of him like chicken bones so we pay to have my baby flushed out cant think of the name they call it. Few hours later its done they tell me most bones are out so I'm happy. he had to stay overnight we get him the next day he' looks sad but happy to see me. Few days go by he's ok drinking a lot of water eating good Using the bathroom normal besides the loose stool because the stool softener that was prescribed with antibiotics Saturday morning 6am he woke me up with this loud howl like he was trying to tell me something i don't know I tried to rub an talk to him to comfort him my mom was trying to help too but it was to late for my baby he stopped breathing we called his doctor to ask him what would cause this his explanation was maybe it was his spleen or maybe his brain I fill like he knew something but didn't tell me. The doctor usually calls me to see how my baby is doing like he did last time we took him in for ear cleaning this he didn't bother calling:( . Both times my baby had to be put to sleep I don't know if it had anything to do with the anesthesia and other meds he got while in there. I got his X-rays to have another doctor look at them I was denied of his medical records.i know it won't bring him back but ill rest knowing it wasn't my fault this happen. Love my baby. Ill answer any questions just can't think rite now thanks everybody
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Jun 17, 2013