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Although I have only recently begun listening to your podcast, I enjoy it very much--especially while doing tedious data cleaning (I try to iron as little as possible). Since I do a lot of tedious data analysis, I have listened to more than 80 episodes in two to three weeks. Very interesting. I am also fond of both audible and traditional books. As a non-historian, I am unsure if historical fiction is considered rubbish, but you did recommend Bernard Cornwell's and Ellis Peters' books, so perhaps it is okay. The (mainly medieval) mysteries by PC Doherty (who also writes under various other names) are really excellent reads and tend to fix the historical events in my mind better than reading non-fiction tracts on battles and political machinations. When I have done (albeit scant) research into the various events, the sources have supported the fundamental events in the books or he has noted the deviations in the postscript. These books are sometimes difficult to find but are worth the search. Thanks for making my dissertation work easier and cramming my brain and those of my family full of history.
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Jul 8, 2013