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We have yet to really have these conversations in our house, I have been waiting to see how my boys perceive people of different bodies, skin color, disabilities, etc. I am grateful the Oliver went through 2 years of preschool with a little girl that was born with 1 hand different than the other her "little hand" as she called it. Now just pretty recently the boys have started noticing color referring to other friends as the one with the "brown face". They notice people are different but don't seem to have any preconceived ideas which i like. it's the same as the teacher with curly hair, or the girl in pajamas since they can't yet remember names. I recently had to figure out how to explain to them that Oliver can not paint his face brown for Halloween to be a character out of iron man. It was a challenging conversation on my end as they don't understand the history or what it means. I am thankful that we live in a community that is so diverse and hope that they will continue to be open minded loving kids. I see bigger conversations coming up soon and am inspired by your experiences to hopefully help to explain to them eloquently when the questions come up. For now I'm still in the wait and see holding pattern. I don't want to push the conversation on them but acknowledge that it will need to happen, and likely sooner than I want. You do hope that your kids notice they way you act and act in kind once out in the world, but you are right, that isn't reality. there are so many hours of the day that they are now exposed to other people from other households, osmosis weather good or bad is inevitable.
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We should plan play dates. get the boys to keep themselves busy and distracted. I feel like the summer, hell last 4 years have been a blur! plus i just realized that we live in the same hood and have boys in the same school....
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Oct 21, 2013