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You say vaccines are safe- others disagree.. Shouldn't people be free to choose how they live their life? 100 Compiled Studies on Vaccine Dangers Activist Post There is no shortage of research regarding the negative effects of a wide variety of vaccines. From Gardasil to the seasonal flu shot, studies have proven that the extreme risks associated with vaccinating oftentimes outweigh the minor benefits. Here is a fraction of the research (over 100 studies) tying vaccines to a host of health conditions, broken down by category:
Do you think that it's merely a coincidence that: that scores of studies have shown a link between autism and vaccines, it's just a coincidence that thousands and thousands of parents have witnessed immediate regression into autism after shots, it's just a coincidence that autism skyrocketed when vaccination rates skyrocketed, it's just a coincidence that 100's of millions have been paid out to autistic children in damages, and it is definitely just a coincidence that Dr Singh found significantly elevated measles antibodies in all the autistic children as compared to the normal kids in his study..??
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Dec 3, 2013