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There was a similar problem and solution in Toronto, at Bloor station on the Yonge line. This is a major transfer point between the east-west crosstown subway line and the Yonge subway heading downtown. Yonge trains are already quite full when they reach Bloor, and then passengers from the Bloor-Danforth line have to try and jam themselves in. The problem was that the stairs and escalators between the two lines are situated at the far north end of the platform. As a result, passenger distribution along the platform was very uneven (passengers coming up the stairs to the Yonge line would tend to stay in the north third or half of the platform). Dwell times increased both because it takes longer to serve passengers when they are not using the doors evenly, but also because the rear two cars were packed like sardines. With headways in the order of 2-1/2 minutes or less, any excess dwell time has a major impact on reliability and train throughput. In 2009, the TTC discovered that they could relocate the transfer point away from the north end by erecting temporary barricades directing passengers about halfway down the platform before being permitted into the trackside half of the platform. This evened out platform loading and reduced dwell times. It also helps separate flows of boarding and alighting passengers. The barriers are in place during the AM peak period when platform congestion is worst. The only real drawback from a passenger perspective is that it adds a little more walking distance/time. More information and photos: Steve Munro's web site: The Torontoist:
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Dec 21, 2013