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I'm glad you wrote this article, Bill. I still remember our mission trip up to NYC with you and Rebecca as our team leaders! You said exactly what I am feeling. Even though I've moved away, I feel like someone has broken up with me, or just hurt me. I'm sad, 'flatlined', and sometimes anger starts bubbling up. I always knew CCFL as my home church, and even, like you said, 'knew it would be there', even though I'm here. This is a really uncomfortable place to be, but I know I'm not going through it alone. Of course the Lord is there, but my brothers and sisters are too. I'm grateful that even at this distance, I know we're there for each other. Pastor Bob has had a huge influence on me--as has Diane--in the 15 years I've known them, and I know God is not finished with their lives. Things will definitely look different, but I know God is concerned with each of us as individuals more than a building or situation. Again, I appreciate you writing this, as it helps me define and feel less alone about what I'm experiencing. Best to you in Him, Christine K
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Apr 10, 2014