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The 'diversity' and 'anti-racism' policies on today's university campuses (and occasionally elsewhere) are a sort of cultural Maoism and nothing else. They have almost nothing to do with changing anything that goes on outside the university walls, and everything to do with controlling and manipulating the people inside them. By creating rather vague and plastic categories (e.g., 'homophobe', 'mysoginist'), they can then wield them arbitrarily in order to terrify students and (non-tenured) faculty members into submission, so that these latter groups never dare question the preferred policies of those in charge. These are classic cult-leader tactics, and were used to great effect by, for example, Stalin and Mao. The main difference in this case is that, unlike the Soviet show-trials of the 30's or Mao's "great cultural revolution", these policies are the work of a group of people rather than one man, so there's no 'cult of personality' to go with them. But they are definitely designed to manipulate the discussion and crush dissent, which means that the fundamental assumptions underlying those policies can never be challenged.
Ha, ha! I had exactly the same reaction to that passage.
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Apr 22, 2014