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@Don R Lewis: "Since you're already spoiling the movie for those who haven't seen it, I'll add: there's the cat, as you mentioned, the other girl he knocked up, sent to get an abortion and never talked to again, leaving John Goodman alone on the highway in the middle of nowhere, blowing up at the Gorfeins....I love the character but jeez, what a jerk." Man, this sorta chaps my hide so I'm going to respond even though none of this really has much to do with Glenn's post. I gotta agree that Llewyn seeking some funds from Jim really isn't that big of a deal. It may be Jim's kid. Llewyn has no money. An abortion back then was both illegal, dangerous, and time-sensitive. He likely wasn't going to come up with this cash overnight, so asking Jim wasn't a bad option. Jean having sex with Llewyn, getting pregnant, and then refusing to tell her husband is really more Jean's problem than Llewyn's in the first place. She's a real ass for putting this on him. But as for the other things you mention, it's all a matter of perspective I guess. The other girl he knocked up had the kid in secret on her own. She agreed to an abortion and then backed out. That's not Llewyn's fault (he paid for it, don't forget), and ignoring the opportunity to drop in on her in the middle of a random night in some stranger's car was a good decision. The detour would have been selfish and self-serving. Leaving Goodman was fine by me. That insufferable, hectoring junkie would have been a nightmare to deal with. It's not Llewyn's fault his "valet" got arrested and took the keys, and it's not Llewyn's job to care for a snotty old coot who does nothing but sleep or break balls. Obviously this wasn't the first time he'd shot up or passed out, so let him take care of himself for once. I can't fault him for the cat. What was he supposed to do? Chase it through the woods and take it to a vet? In a stranger's car? In the middle of the night? In the middle of nowhere? It's 1960, so please and come on. The only thing that was dickish was his behavior towards the Gorfeins but really, expecting him to play on demand was rude. He's their house guest. I wouldn't ask such a favor of a close friend, let alone a casual acquaintance.
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Jan 2, 2014