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Currently Battle Born batteries are ~ 1K$ a pop and you need a more than 2 to store power. For a house to function you need banks of them. No idea what this costs but hydrogen tanks seem much cheaper and much less costly to manage than batteries. 1 tank for production and 1 for storage alternating between them for usage. Larger tanks could hold days of accumulated power. In total this may end up cheaper than Li-Ion + Solar cell home solution for power and as the cells get better and cheaper you need not change your storage solution.
Oh surprise, we aren't ready for recycling the millions of toxic batteries. How toxic is the waste when recycling? Will it impact the ground water? Li Ion is supposed to curb pollution but it seems to be as toxic as fossil fuel and cost a huge amount to own. Maybe it isn't the real answer.
Well Samsung is supposed to release their graphene ball solid state batteries in phones next year. 400 Wh/kg . That doesn't sound like distant future
This has so many applications and is a major improvement in ICE engines.
260 watt-hours per kilogram is current density. Fast charging and 432Wh/kg is game changing. Something like a Tesla can drive well over 400 miles tween high speed charges. Hope these are released next year.
Can anyone tell me if ProLogium's SolidState battery they say is ready for production is real or just advertising? They won the 2019 CES award for their 3D solid State battery. The link is to a YouTube video showing the battery.
Why would anybody buy any other battery? I am totally confused as to why this is not huge news., They said Solid State TODAY. Not years from now. BiPolar+ 3D Structure Solid-State EV Battery Pack at the 2019 CES
I head something alarming today. A VP from BMW said that batteries will never fall to the value necessary to be less than ICE engines. I find this alarming that there is no path to cost effective EV's.
Too low to the ground to make it through the city of Chicago. We have some serious pot holes.
Trucks are practical and useful but bought too often as a fashion statement.
I have been waiting a long time for a cheap clean way to split water. So many disappointments to date and it looks like it will be a long time before this is done as well.
This stuff is nice and all but they used to have ekectric buses in the 50s. Yes this doesn't require wires but i bet they were a lot cheaper.
The advent of this new lighter high speed charging battery opens up a HUGE new market. The suspension does not to carry as heavy a load, which makes it lighter making ranges better. You can charge quicker, making road side chargers possible. DIY guys will get busy retrofitting older ICE cars with batteries and a motor. Whats not to like about this? Tesla may have opened the door but the flood is coming and I am afraid their manufacturing mistakes will destroy them.
Call me skeptical but where is the catch? Cost? Production? Availability? If this is true it just jumped over a HUGE hurdle for electric long distance driving. It also reduces weight substantially for daily commuter vehicles. WHEN?
Can anyone imagine the added complexity and reduced space under the bonnet? Just go electric with the newer solid state batteries.
I wonder if any of these really cool supposedly fantastic developments make it out the lab. I have not seen solid state LiIon make it out the lab. Since LiIon is known to catch things on fire you would think it would be a priority and in production by now.
Hydrogen from solar seems to be the answer. Turn Nevada, Texas and other big sun states into hydrogen producers. Storage seems to be the problem. This seems to be a.poasible answer.
I still don't understand why they use the 48 volt on the 4 cylinder engine. Copper cable weight reduction and added performance could mean smaller motor with the same off the line from a stop performance. It's about 30hp to maintain highway speed. Seems with electric boost you can get over 100ho performance with a tiny motor.
When can it be mass produced. This seems like the real answer to clean sustainable energy.
This is sad. Mining and doing all the things we do for OIL to make toxic batteries. Is this really better than gasoline? Or just a way to make us feel better. I vote for hydrogen production which seems to have several advances. Wonder when they will hit the market if ever? Wonder why they don't hit the market.
" Very low fuel price (in USA) may be to blame. " Blame? Why not blame insanely expensive cost of Hybrid/EV's? They don't compete on refueling/distance they don't compete on cost of ownership. Remind me what is the purpose of an EV is, environmental? Do they include the cost of power creation and battery disposal along with making the chemistry? I started following EV's over 10 years ago and could not wait for the day of their arrival, now that they have arrived as rich peoples toys or guilt relief, I really feel cheated. Less parts was supposed to lead to cheaper and more economical cars. Yeah.. That didn't even come close to happening. Then I was told to wait until batteries achieve volume production. That didn't happen either. In short this is just not working out unless you have money RICH and want to make it LOOK like you care and be COOL
@ Crescent Dunes 24-Hour Solar Tower Is Online What went wrong with the one in California? Ivanpah Solar I think. That one is not working out at all. It requires constant use of natural gas to keep the salt hot.
Why can't we have the government pour money into P22-hyd. This is only possible but also sustainable. Unless what I have read is not true, it seems like P22-hyd is the answer everyone has been looking for.
When P22-Hyd works out most of these issues will be moot.
I got to laugh. This sound like a fantastic thing but in Chicago today it was sub zero again and there are hybrids that wont even RUN when the temp gets this cold. You buy a 40K car and it doesn't run because its too cold? If they could bring this to market in less than 2 years they may have a chance but looking at the price of gas today, 1.66 a gallon in Chicago the window to make this happen narrows substantially. NO ONE wants to drive a SMALL under powered car. People will buy only buy one if they have to. Thats whats WRONG with all of this tech. Its not based on actual desire of people to drive a small under powered car that doesn't behave when its cold out. Its why I think hydrogen might make it vs BEV cars. PEOPLE don't want to pollute but when push comes to shove they do when it hinders their forward progress. I don't love oil and hoped that the EV revolution would greatly REDUCE the cost of cars but years after the cars have been introduced, and MANY cars have been created, the cost has NOT come down far enough. So you are asking people to buy cars that COST MORE and give you less. Its counter intuitive.