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I'm enjoying this post and discussion. It was said that Gurinder Singh is changing RSSB. How so? Has he changed its practice or beliefs? Are these changes publicly described anywhere? Isn't it possible to meditate on the sound without having to believe anything, visualize the Master or pine for Sach Khand? It is difficult to obtain simple instructions without joining a group, getting initiation, adopting beliefs and being taught about Perfect Master etc. Certainly payment of money is required with some of these groups. And one is told that the Master connects the practitioner to the sound current, when in fact anybody can hear it. Much has been written about Shabd but I have found only a handful of little-known books that actually tell you how to do it. Some of these contain unrelated baggage before you get to the procedure. I am interested in doing a (short) book that says, here's a practice that can benefit and delight you on your path, it is natural and you don't have to delude yourself or give devotional energy to bearded men on the other side of the planet. And for crying out loud, you don't have to put your fingers in your ears. Earplugs, what a concept...
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Jan 14, 2014