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In the conference links, I was interested to note that the organisers welcome handcrafters. I don't think is something that I would read at an Australian sheep conference. In your experience, is the significance placed on handcrafters involvement peculiar to Iceland and the cultural importance of wool there?
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2014 on Iceland 5 - Ullarselið at The Independent Stitch
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I have seen raddle marks to show where the ram has been but never a dyed in the wool ram to show where he is! There would be no hiding with a fleece in that colour. Rebecca
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Thank you for including the names of the craftspeople with their work. So often, names become separated from textile works. These are great works. You mentioned that US shows can be much larger. Which ones would be the largest and would they also include sheep judging?
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Just fascinating thank you. Is it unusual for the different breeds to be separated. I don't think this happens in Australia - my understanding is that the wool is separated into ultra fine white, fine white, mixed coloured (sent to developing countries) and carpet. Rebecca
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Your poaching of terroir for fleeceis both pertinent and profound. It highlights similarities between the way food products are thought about within the Slowfood movement and how fibre is thought of in the Fair Fibre movement. It captures both the effect of the environment and culture on the development of particular fleece characteristics and potentially the effects of sheepon the landscape. It places the fleece firmly on the back on an animal on the earth. I am thinking particularly here of Australian breeds, specialised merinos producing superfine fibres on our impoverished, fragile soils and Polworths, bred specially for the higher rainfall of the Otways. Terroir is a marvellously rich term that will bear more exploration.
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Feb 6, 2014