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Great news to be sure, but there actually was a previous English translation for some of this... although there was never an American release. In 2002, "Shogakukan English Comics" in conjunction with Viz Communications Inc. had a bilingual edition of volumes 1 through 10, which included English and Japanese text. These went through a prolific reprint cycle for a while (my 8th-pressing copy of volume 1 was pressed in 2004), then abruptly disappeared - so I think my set is now somewhat of a collector's item. Granted, the English in these was not quite idiomatic as the translation was a literal one rather than properly localized for an "English as a first language" audience. I suppose this choice of translation was based on the idea that these might be used as English study aids for a Japanese audience, rather than actually read by English-speakers. Glad to hear that it's finally getting a proper English release, and I hope the whole manga corpus is part of the master plan ! Dave
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Mar 20, 2014