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Castellio, I couldn't agree more. Warfare by other means.
Colonel, That's me on both accounts. I'm using this one from now on. When I have a lengthy response I type it up on note pad as I hate typing in a small window. The software I've used in the past allows one to paste into the window and post. This software is different. With it I have to hit the return key in order to make the post box active. Call it operator error. Problem solved. I appreciate the detailed response you wrote. I consider this to be the gold standard. It confirms my previous research and adds to my information on how this debacle came about. Too bad that what you were telling TPTB didn't get out to the general public. So much for a media that presents both sides. The only person who was in position to make the case was Pat Buchanan. I remember listening to him and thinking he was wrong at the time. Since then, I know better and have made amends for this. I've raised hell about US foreign intervention starting with Somalia all the way to today. I voted for Pat in all his runs and Ron Paul twice for his presidential bids. There are two things I resent about this sorry affair. One is being lied to and the other one is people who think so poorly of my life and others like me that they would use us for a rotten cause they try to hide by wrapped it up in red, white and blue. IMO, it takes a minimum of three years to become a professional soldier and is damn expensive if it is the be done right. The internationalists believe this is a job. They couldn't be more incorrect. When it comes to military personnel being sent in harm's way I think I would like to put them in in a fire extinguisher cabinet with a sign posted above and below stating "break glass only in emergency" for those in the civilian leadership. Unfortunately, today only a few have the moral character, good judgement and brains to meet that criteria. You write "enough". Just about. One final question, please. For years I've seen a story claiming that satellite photos were taken showing that after advancing up to the Saudi border the RG divisions withdrew back to an AA around Basra, leaving behind light border units. This story originated in a newspaper here I think in Florida and was even used in a novel. Whenever I tried find another source it always went back to this newspaper story. Is there any truth to this? If I don't have at least two independent sources I won't use something. Thank you.
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May 3, 2014