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I agree that you can find inspiration in Shakespeare's words, but I find he is ALSO an inspiration as a business guru. As we say at the American Shakespeare Center in our Shakespeare and Leadership programs, he was a master of technology. Early Modern Technology, but technology nonetheless. He took "challenges" we would find daunting and manipulated them to sell tickets--to such a degree that he went back to his hometown and bought the second biggest house not too long into his stage career. He read his audience, established solid work practices in his texts, and knew the market. He was a master we can all learn from...and we continue to do so. We "do it with the lights on" here at our re-creation of Shakespeare's indoor theatre (where he charged (and got) 10 times the ticket price) because he did. We find many opportunities to play with the audience in his plays, because we acknowledge that he wrote them in. We also look at work habits like shortened rehearsals and actor driven playing--because the plays work using those tools. We how the actors received the text and what information Shakespeare included knowing that they would not see the entire play. All of these consideration make dynamic performances--like, we think, The King's Men used to sell massive quantities of seats and become the troupe under the patronage of the crown. Shakespeare as a business guru, absolutely. We're still learning from him today. Great collection of quotes! Thank you.
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May 14, 2014