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Some people are seriously 'illiterates with degrees',they don't know anything else than interfering, first of all not a single guru of Radha Soami said that he was secong form of god or anything like that, he is a messenger who just wants us to walk on the path leading to god, in India there are many different gurus from different names who started few decades ago and u can see legal cases against them once or many times, but radha soami is more than 100 yrs old and still no case..... u just listen to he's statsang and he never tells anyone to follow him, or donate money or to do anything else than meditating for god..... give him 1 yr of devotion and u'll realise everything.... my parents are devoted to them for 23 years and still want me to join..... its the oldest spiritual orgainisation....and still stable coz it was one of the firsts and is part of truth.... All I'm saying and also babaji says that.... don't pray me or anything...that's why only 2-3 photos of himself are released till now....because he don't want us to pray him like a god.... just wants us to be ourselves to the fullest...100%... and meditation is the key to success....listen to his satsangs...u'll feel he just wants good for us.....what does he wants from us in return????? why would he fake it.......and not only him...all of radha soami gurus for more than 100 years??? i have seen very poor people who can't donate anything attending satsangs...and who still are too much devoted from generations... Why a con-man would say not to follow him just meditate, be a positive godly person and then follow yourself? you guys should visit dera satsang beas, Punjab. Spend some time, get knowledge of the life there and reply back..... tell me how muchthey earn for themselves or whatever negative thoughts u have right now... and yeah i was aggressive in begining coz i am a 22 yr old its natural... :D
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Mar 17, 2014