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I Googled the cake's name. And, it was Stephanie Jaworski of the the of who gives the recipe and SHOWS the video of her making this, too. (Every Friday she adds a new video.) And, I'm sorry I didn't get this right the first time. It's her video of March 7th.
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Oy. Butter changes the parameters of Kosher. There's a woman on the Internet, Kittencal, who preps all her pans with a homemade mixture see says lasts forever. Doesn't even need to be refrigerated. You know Fleischman's margarine is a very acceptable switch when you can't use butter for dietary reasons.
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ORANGE CAKE without the olive oil. I found this recipe very recently. Basically, you're going to BOIL your oranges. Here, clementines are recommended. One day ahead you put your oranges into a pot. Cover this with water. And, BOIL. As soon as the boiling starts you lower your heat to simmer. FOR 2 HOURS! (So, you do this step the night before.) And, you let the oranges cool, overnight. Weigh out about a pound of oranges. (Clementines, says the recipe I saw) 6 large eggs (at room temperature) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1+1/4 cups granulated white sugar 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 2+1/2 cups almond flour. (You can finely grind your own) Preheat to 375-degrees. Butter and line the bottom of a 9" spring-form pan TAKE your "cooked" oranges and cut them up into large chunks. If you see seeds, throw them away. Now, but ALL of this into a food processor. Skin! Everything! All the chunks. Add the 6 eggs. And, the vanilla extract. And, whir until you have a nice, smooth mixture. DRY INGREDIENTS: Put your almond flour into a bowl. Whisk this together with sugar, salt, baking powder. Then add your processed orange/egg mixture. Pour this batter into your pan. And, bake 45-60 minutes. Until a toothpick stuck in, comes out clean. IF the cake is "over-browning" cover it LOOSELY with a piece of BUTTERED tin foil. Remove the cake from the oven, and place this on a wire rack to cool completely. Only then remove the spring-form pan's side. Now if you allow this cake to sit for a day it will taste even better. GLUTEN FREE. Great for Passover. I think I saw this at Jamie Geller's site.
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Mar 20, 2014