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Lexi, I'm fiscally conservative, and socially moderate.....more right of center. When forced to choose between too conservative or too liberal, I always follow the too conservative mode. Social issues like same sex marriage will play themselves out regardless of what party is in charge. But when it comes to government finances and taxation, something has to drastically change. I moved to Chicago out of college, after growing up in another state. Twenty-six years later I find myself in the difficult place of my career being here, but being totally digusted by the years of increasing taxation and political corruption. Ever since Jim Edgar left office, Illinois has been in rapid decline. I am now at the point where I'm looking at changing my state of residence. Either a move to Indiana, Wisconsin, or spending part of my year in another part of the country. I'm fed up with someone always having their hand in my pocket, from $200 city vehicle stickers, to red light cameras, to an extra $0.30 cents per gallon of gas, to 9+% sales tax, to a 66% state income tax increase. Zorn wears his liberal stripes proudly and I'm sure he and his cronies will do all they can to make sure Quinn gets reelected, and this article is just one of the ways he's trying to make that happen. I on the other hand feel that Rauner is a change and I'm willing to take the chance. I can't stand back and vote for more of the same. If Quinn and Madigan continue to control our state, then it's time to take next steps to move elsewhere.
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Jul 23, 2014