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This is great, Tim. Do you remember when B&B tried to make a bowling ball explode (they mixed it up for the exploding golf ball myth) and when they couldn't Butthead exclaimed, "This bowling ball is not human!" I use that expression all the time. Did you happen to hear Mike Judge on Bullseye? It was very interesting and here's a link: Go Cubs!
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Hey Tim! Having not lived in Chicago for fifteen years I've forgotten the rebellious nature and commitment it takes to grill in the winter months. Good man, Tim, we salute you from LA where it's a bummer to have to wear long sleeves while grilling in February. I seem to remember photos of yr grill in warmer months. Care to share a gallery of grill shots through the seasons for us? (The piled snow at least keeps the beer cold and forestalls the need to break out the Coleman®!) Go Cubs! My first Spring Training game in 29 days!! Wooo! -jhj
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They were the best team this year and I hate them! But! The 2011 Bears have TWO chances to beat the world champs. That's kinda cool.
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And we can dig it. (You were fishing for a Shaft-related response, weren't you?)
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Jan 20, 2011
I lived in SF for 10 years and I loved hating the giants. (I once had an email " Hate because of that idiot farmhand pitcher that broke Ryno's wrist in Spring Training back in the day. Hate because giants fans LOVED that fool Bonds. And really hate because of '89, of course. Hi Tim!
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Slowly but surely Juan Pierre has become one of my most hated players: He killed us in 2003; he did NOTHING for us when we had him; & he continues to bother us even though he can't throw and can't hit. Dang.
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Jan 6, 2010