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Lovely post Roz, and I too enjoyed the Radio 4 interview this morning.
Definitely with you on being grateful for modern sanitation! Our house is not old, 1950s built, and I think the greatest reminders of previous residents is in the landscaping of the garden, the pond they created and the shrubs and trees they planted. Not so easy to live with is the often “quirky” and confusing plumbing and wiring systems created as a result of several extensions before our time.
Lovely post, Roz. Summertime smells are very evocative for me too. So many to chose from - but I still love picking sweetpeas and having little vases of them indoors filling rooms with their scent.
Hi Roz, lovely post. And I’m glad you have been treating yourself “sensibly”! Cx
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2018 on When The Beast met Emma at Autumn Cottage Diarist
If we judged ourselves by what we've not achieved there would be no hope for any of us!! Just amazing to see how life goes on inspite of everything. Lovely post, especially the photos of those brave bulbs promising spring. Cilla x
Lovely pictures of the garden help us see the beautify in the rain. Thank you Roz. It is sometimes hard to feel cheerful in the gloom, but joy is different and can be found with a bit of attention. I can vouch for Satya's 31 days of joy, I subscribed to it some time ago, and received a month of inspirational emails. Cilla x
What a grey day it looks, but a wonderful sense of continuity. 3000 years of history, puts all the upheavals we are facing into context! Glad you felt re-energised. Cilla
Well you've found time to write a blog post, pay attention to changes in the garden, and to make soup. You've noticed the wonderful colours, taken photos and shared them with us. Shame we can't taste the soup, but I doesn't seem like a wasted day to me, Roz! I sometimes have a go at writing "have done" lists rather than "to do" lists. That way I can at least make time to reflect on all the little things I have done but which I frequently underestimate. Being thankful that I was able to get up, dress myself and make my own breakfast this morning for example! Better to plant five bulbs and enjoy it, than kill yourself planting five bags! Cilla x 😊
Beautiful Hidcote! And glad you have been enjoying your staycation,Roz. Nothing like your own bed in my opinion! Cilla PS Type Pad is telling me I am signed in as D, I don't know why!
Beautiful pots, and a lovely post. Just what I needed on a grey afternoon. Hope you soon recover after the "proddings" and can enjoy the (promised) sun. Cilla x
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2015 on Pots of Inspiration at Autumn Cottage Diarist
I love the way items of clothing can jog memories. And a mixture of happy and sad ones here. Glad you could celebrate your Dad's memory,and see his braces in a new incarnation.
Lovely post, and full of hope. Love the fragrant honeysuckle... Cilla (I don't know why type pad says I am called D!)
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2015 on Again the Wheel Turns at Autumn Cottage Diarist
I can almost feel the warmth from here!
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2015 on The Heart of the Home at Autumn Cottage Diarist
Another very interesting post - lots to follow up and think about as always...Cilla
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2015 on To Be A Pilgrim at Autumn Cottage Diarist
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Jan 15, 2015