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The inscription appears to be a mixture of (abbreviated) Middle Dutch and Latin. It could read something like "Take up this cross (i.e. the sword) or the Cross of Christ, because either bear this cross or abandon (it)!" The X is a pictogram for both the Cross (Latin CruX) of Christ and the (cross-shaped) sword. N = Nem or Neme ("Take up") [imperative singular of Middle Dutch "nemen"] D = Dit ("This") X = Cruce ("Cross", i.e. the Sword) O = Of ("Or") XCH = Cruce Christi ("the Cross of Christ") W = Want ("Because") DRGH = Draagh or Draegh ("Bear") [imperative singular of Middle Dutch "draghen"] DXO = Dit Cruce Of ("This Cross Or") RUI = Relinque ("Abandon (it)") [Relinque = imperative sing. of Latin relinquere] Mary de Laat
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Aug 7, 2015