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Your kitchen accessories should be as versatile as your palate - Our collapsible silicone colander occupies minimal space in your kitchen cupboard when not in use. Then it expands to a very handy 1.75-quart capacity to tackle all of your culinary adventures. Use it to drain ground beef, rinse lettuce for salad, or prepare Asian noodles and spaghetti, Say good-bye to steam burns and scalds from splashing liquids - Put our colander directly into your pot of boiling water, add spaghetti, and boil. When your spaghetti is ready, simply lift out the colander. Our colander is heat resistant to 340 degrees Fahrenheit. No more trying to gingerly pour a pot of boiling water with one hand while wresting a traditional kitchen strainer with the other, Metal colanders rust, and plastic colanders collect food stains - Food grade silicone is impervious to staining from tomato-based sauces and fruit juices. No matter what you prepare in our FDA-approved colander, you can be assured that it will not taint your foods with BPA or other harmful toxins. After use, simply place our colander in your dishwasher or wash by hand with your other dishes. It returns to its' original pristine appearance. Our colander collapses to just one-third of its' full size so you can store it in a shallow drawer with your other kitchen tools, This is one of the most-used cooking accessories by all cooks, and our collapsible silicone colander complements kitchens of all sizes.
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Oct 22, 2015