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I'm laughing because this weekend we went with my husband to a business (similar to home depot) to buy some plants and gardening things (here we are in late spring) and we were surprised by the amount of Christmas decorations on sale. So early! In Argentina, the Christmas tree and the manger are assembled on December 8th. Everything very nice and it looks like it meets the three "R's" (Reduce reuse recycle) ¡Saludos!
oh how wonderful! greetings to the whole family
Hello! The color explosion of spring in the Northern Hemisphere never ceases to amaze me . Here we are entering the cold, cold times of winter. But it doesn't snow in Buenos Aires [except in very exceptional cases, once every 80 years? mostly hail, not snow] My "gardening" alloted time [if you can say "gardening" to maintain a few pots in the balcony of an apartment on a 20th floor] was during the week. I planted parsley, lettuce and garlic. I'm hoping for a few days of sun and no wind to prune the potted lemon tree. Meanwhile, it is time to crochet! Cheers
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I think Layout #8 Radiating Star it's unusual enough to choose it. Cheers.
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Feb 17, 2016